It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Full-bird Colonel!! The Friday Extravaganza – Shutdown edition!

Our Friday Extravaganza is LIVE today as we br9ng the latest Fake-News-presstitutes to the broad light of day, and expose the posers and the fakers for their lies, propaganda and innuendo!

The Mysterious Colonel will join us as we talk Shutdown, the refusal of Chuck and Nancy to even discuss the issue at hand, and the pain and stress caused by their obnoxious obstinance.

Meanwhile, groundwork is being laid for a second Kim/Trump Summit.

In other words, President Trump is doing his job. That is in stark contrast to Pelosi and Schumer, whose globetrotting is no longer being paid for by you and me. Details on the show today.

Are you ready for the Friday Extravaganza? Better get that way because it starts at 3:05pm ET at and, and live streaming video on and