January 6th, 2021: And to the Republic for which it stood…

Please let this phrase sink in: “And to the Republic for which it STOOD”.

Today, conservatively, at least several HUNDRED THOUSAND people rallied in the nation’s capital to attempt to set right the off-the-rails electoral process which was, factually speaking, stolen by the corrupt and evil taskmasters, Barack Obama and George Soros, with the aid of the entirety of the corrup[t mainstream media.

And today, the one figure in America that COULD have done something about it, instead chose to shrink from the occasion for fear of being tarred and feathered by the same corrupt media machinery.

Constitutionally speaking, when tyrants attempt to fraudulently disenfranchise the legitimate citizen-voters, we, the people are charged with the task of feeding the tree of revolution.

When corruption is so rampant in Washington, then perhaps it is time for the people, the sovereign voters of these United States, to use our rights an dour authority to compel, impel, and initiate whatever events are required to bring about a restoration of a true Constitutionally Representative Republic, which by definition should be immune from the stench of filthy corruption and evil deeds performed without shame in our hallowed hall;s of government.

Will today be recorded as the day this nation c3ased to be a Democratic Representative Republic, and instead became the plaything of the globalists?

Or will today be recorded as the day the revolution began in earnest?

And how does one go about organizing a grass-roots revolution?

And how does one overcome the absolutely corrupt and polluted media apparatus, firmly under the control of those corrupt globalists?

The first step might be a massive re-taking of our media outlets. That means Radio, TV, and the massive disinformation outlets known as Social Media.

And can such an endeavor be pursued without being labeled “seditious” or “treasonous” by those same disinformation merchants?

What kind of nation do you want to see in 6 months, a year or longer?

YOU the CITIZENRY are now on the clock. The clock is about to strike MIDNIGHT in the swamp we call Washington.

America, your days are numbered, just like every other great civilization in human history. The next chapters will be written in blood and in toil for freedom which we have taken for granted nearly every day of our lives.

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