JJ is back LIVE with IQ Al Rassooli, and breaking news; Minnesota: Democrats physically assault GOP candidates

Democrats physically assault two GOP candidates in Minnesota

Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET for today’s edition of The JJ McCartney Show with our guest, IQ Al Rassooli.

We’ll talk about the true nature 0f the democrat party, and why they are headed fopr a historiuc defeat in November at he polls, as protesters became violent felons, assaulting two Republican candidates in a display of the mentality of Democrat members of the house and senate, as well as failed former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton saying that the time for democrats to be civil is past.

IQ Al Rassooli will weigh in on the latest from the Middle East and around the world, and we’ll talk about the success of President Trump, and how the left has quite literally lost the abilitty to handle the reality: Trump is leading America very effectively.

No, he isn’t perfect, but he seems to be chosen for such a time as this. Real leadership in the Whitehouse
is exposing D.C.’s resident incumbents as the phonies, frauds and incompetents they are.

As we approach the November mid-term election, let us stand up for the President, his policies and his legitimate record of accomplishments which no recent president can compare.

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