JJ McCartney Friday Extravaganza 01-07-2022 Who’s Really in charge at 1600? O’Biden FRAUD

Join JJ McCartney LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET as we mark the first Friday Extravaganza LIVE in 2022.

After yesterday’s fakery and feigned outrage over January 6th, Are you ready for the harsh TRUTH about what needs to happen to stop the communist insurgents in Washington?

Speaking frankly, America is too soft in many ways right now. But there are pockets of people that have taken their lives as patriots and defenders of the Constitution quite seriously. And they are not just resting on their laurels. Neither should any of us who cherish our Constitutionally assured rights.

The attack on all Americans happened on November 3rd 2020. That was when the enemies of freedom executed the THEFT of the election, not from President Trump, but from the American People!

And now we have the puppet O’Biden posers trying to look like they belong. They don’t. Reams of evidence have been unearthed whoch prove not just voter fraud, but cyber-theft of the election from places like China, Pakistan and elsewhere.

And no sooner than the fraud was installed at 1600, the first salvos were fired in the form of actions which would make the American people suffer. Halting the Keystone/XL pipeline, declaring no new drilling or fracking on public land, and simultaneously approving an oil and gas pipeline from Moscow through western Europe.

America went from complete energy independence to being at the mercy of OPEC, and being forced to pay much higher prices at the pump, which led to runaway inflation. And because these people are morally corrupt, they deliberately interrupted supply chains, driving prices even higher.

At the same time, they began once again pushing their radical LGBTQ agenda on the people. These are symbolic gestures on the part of O’Biden. They appointed Rachel Levine, a ridiculous failure as the HHS secretary on Pennsylvania in a similar position in the department of Health and Human Services, and then PROMOTED He/She/IT as an Admiral.

Meanwhile, the surrender in Afghanistan, the stranding of tens of thousands in Afghanistan, where they are being slowly hunted down and killed by the Taliban.

Everywhere you look, you see abject FAILURE which, it can be argued, is exactly what O’Biden wants!

And we haven’t even mentioned the southern border crimes committed by this derelict phony “administration”.

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