JJ McCartney LIVE 3-5pm ET: Tuesday July 27th 2021: the Gymnastics of WOKENESS reward Russia with Gold

So what happens to people when ridiculous expectations are foisted upon them, combined with political/cultural pressure to make statements, declarations and pronouncements which do not originate from within their own souls, but are projected upon them by evil manipulators?

What you see is the complete disintegration of the overwhelmingly favored U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team. The latest development was when Simon Biles, the media darling, bailing out of the competition after falling far short of her own expectations. The beneficiary of this has been Russia, whose team won Gold in Tokyo.

For the “WOKE” this demonstrates a key principle that the USOC and the world have ignored for over a year and a half: You cannot manufacture enthusiasm or greatness in a vacuum where freedom is eliminated and where a false narrative is foisted upon the people.

Team USA gymnast Mary Lou Retton celebrates during the 1984 Summer Olympics at the Pauley Pavilion. Los Angeles, California 8/3/1984 (Image # 1079 )

No, Tokyo 2021 is not Los Angeles 1984. Simone Biles is not Mary Lou Retton. And the world is not searching for “woke” role models or LGBTQ inspiration. The false narratives the media has tried to force-feed the people are simply not digestible. There has been no public outcry for more Trans “women” to be allowed to compete against biological women.

There has been no demand by the TV-watching public for more BLM bullshit packaged as “courageous free speech”. All of this has been manufactured by the globalist media to try to denigrate traditional American values, as they attempt to make such values and such people obsolete. It is not working.

or THIS?

Much like people prefer a delicious T-bone steak to a lump of manufactured meat, Americans can taste the difference, and they are not buying the imitation.

Don’t waste your tears on Simone Biles or Megan Rapinoe. They chose to dive into the rabbit hole. Nobody forced them. But what is truly sad is how the media has engaged in sycophantic idolatry of every ‘woke” athlete on Team USA. It is enough to turn people’s stomachs.

Ultimately, this fake pseudo-culture of the media is bound for failure, bankruptcy and a complete reshuffling of the media cannot be far behind.

Imagine the problems that the liberal left faces: What happens when nobody buys your shtick any more? What happens when McDonald’s cannot even GIVE AWAY the Rapinoe/Biles happy meals because there is no demand for them? What will become of all those Chicken nuggets and French Fries?

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