JJ McCartney LIVE: The Friday Extravaganza 3-5pm ET All about Israel, Iran, and the treason of thieves

JJ McCartney is LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET today with the Friday Extravaganza. We’ll focus on the escalating conflict in Israel, and how the policies of the phony Biden administration(Obama’s third term” has led directly to this conflict. The decision to lift economic sanctions on Iran, coupled with the billions in laundered money given to Iran, it can me argued, that these funds have been used to fund the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel this week.

When you look at the policy objectives of the puppet regime in the White House, it is hard not to see it as treason.

Bill Maher of HBO, vaxxed and Covid positive

Meanwhile, the media was cooing yesterday about how “fully vaccinated people” no longer have to wear masks. As if they ever had the authority to make anybody wear a completely worthless mask in the first place.

And then came the story last night: The fully immunized Bill Maher of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher has now tested positive for Covid-19. So for those of us wise enough to steer clear of this phony vaccine, the question is quite clear: Why bother with a vaccine that doesn’t prevent someone from getting the CCP virus? The vaccine is a bogus mechanism where the over-stepping government is trying to see who will obey and who will stand against the tyranny.

And one cannot help but wonder what Bill Maher might be thinking right about now?

Van Morrison rebukes the globalists in his latest album.

PLUS: Hear Van Morrison’s message about the globalists and their media narratives. GREAT rebuke from a GREAT musician!

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