JJ McCartney LIVE! Thursday June 17th 2021: Brother, can you spare a Kilowatt-hour?


It was soooooo hot yesterday…

How HOT was it??

It was 107 degrees yesterday in our little corner of Nebraska. How do you beat the heat when it is that hot? For starters, you let someone else do the cooking!

Today…we tell the TRUTH about so-called “green” energy, and why the biggest phonies in the world are people driving “electric cars”.

But in spite of the record heat, we got through with no real harm done. When it is that hot you simply stop doing much of anything. Especially when you are in the age group that gets regular mail from the AARP.

Mercifully, cooler weather is on the way.

And in the news, the rest of the world is now fully aware that America is without any real leader at present. Nobody can, in truth, refer to Dementia Joe-Mo as a president or leader. this man is so far out of touch with his faculties that he doesn’t even know he ever had faculties to begin with!

And his statement to the press yesterday cinched that fact: “I’m not confident about anything”.


There you have it from the donkey’s mouth!!!

Join JJ McCartney LIVE as we carry on, waiting for the sweet relief that can only be delivered when We, the People oust the imposter/fake/phoney/poser Biden band of crooks with the legitimate POTUS< Donald Trump!

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