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Then, JJ gets down to serious business, with a dire warning for America and indeed the world. For far too long this world has forsaken the things of God, and has instead embraced whatever sin, or false god they might have made for their own entertainment or comfort.

The gloves must now come off, as confront the sin, the moral rot, and the permissive attitude they have called “political correctness”. The truth is much more harsh when it comes to sins against God, against His creation, and sins that defile the body of the sinner!

And beware the wolves, lurking just beneath the surface, who claim to be godly people, but are quick to attack the man of faith when he declares his faith publicly. Trolls, wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing, deceivers, connivers, thieves, they are not what they claim, and they work for the enemy of God.

Now, how do you suppose God might feel about the ridiculous campaign to try to convince the leery people to get a vaccine which has not been approved by the FDA, has not been properly tested, and which is designed to tamper with your DNA?

If the only way they can offer a “vaccine” is to harvest cells from aborted babies, toss in toxins like mercury and other poisonous elements, then what right-thinking person would even consider it?

Meanwhile, Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc coupled with antibiotics seem to be a perfect treatment for those who actually do contract this “disease” called Covid-19.

Event 201 has failed. People who were not vaccinated have a 99+ % survival rate. Bill Gates, ANthony Fauci, the WHO, the World Economic Forum, and countless sister agencies and NGO’s tried to pretend everything about the so-called pandemic was organic and naturally occurring.

Don’t buy into the mainstream media narratives. The media is now bought and paid for by the evil one-world-government-advocating globalists. Soros, Obama, Gates, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerburg, Jeff Zucker, The Disney empire, the entirety of cable giants are all simply sold out to the globalists.

We must reject their narrative, and stand on the TRUTH we KNOW does not change!!

If you haven’t come to salvation through Jesus Christ, what are you waiting for?

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