JJ McCartney Presents: The Monday Rundown LIVE 3-5pm ET: Do NOT get distracted by the Alec Baldwin tragedy!!

Do NOT get distracted by the media’s sensationalizing of the Alec Baldwin tragedy. Keep the main thing the main thing!

What we need to be concentrating on is the absolute constitutional crisis we now face, which is even more urgent than it has ever before been.

There has been a massive conspiracy between globalists/elites, the Democrat party, and the news media. They stole the election in 2020, and they cheated like never before in California’s gubernatorial recall election. and they are about to cheat like never before in the Virginia gubernatorial election, backing Clinton-owned Terry McAuliffe.


And lest we forget, the incoherent incompetent bogus Biden administration working in league with the soul-less Pelosi and Schumer, and in concert with the black-hearted United Nations and the sith Lords, Soros and Obama, are now trying to deliver the death-blow to our Constitutional republic by using big Tech and big Pharma to identify those who will not bow down to their illegitimate so-called “authority”.


Are you ready to do more than just complain about the filth-ridden political system that has been corrupted by globalists and their money?

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