JJ McCartney says: Just the Facts. This is a Fake-news-free zone.

Hello news fans. How about a nice, easy day of conversation, without the fake-news, without the shouting, and without the tension that goes with it?

Oh, sure, we could go on and on about the endless conspiracies which are sadly true, but the doc says the blood pressure needs to level off, and i would hate to be responsible for the next stroke, heart attack or seizure you might have when you hear what the bastards are mup to now.

Alright…we’re being melodramatic, but what would call the NYT or WaPo, or CNN or MSNBC(whose name should really be MSNPee-your-pants, see!)?

Friends and neighbors, we’re living in a time when the signs are everywhere. Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, floods, pestilence, fires, sexual impurity, defiant sinners blatantly mocking God and His children, the entire world seems to be daring God to do something about their brash and rebellious debauchery. And if that is the case, the world is about to get more than it ever imagined it bargained for.

So while the residents of New Babylon get themselves oiled up for their next orgy, we will continue to sound the alarm. People, America is every bit as hedonistic as any other nation, save for the good people in it’s middle sections. And the political left in America(which includes all the democrats and most of the republicans) has collectively abandoned any semblance of virtue, instead embracing all things evil, from abortion to gay marriage to Islam. The progressive ideology avers that America is a bully that owes the rest of the world apologies for our success and military might.

JJ McCartney will have none of that, at least not on HIS show, and not in HIS house.

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