JJ McCartney Show 06-11-2018 Summit’s Eve: Front-row seat for History, plus eyes on Bilderberg, Kilauea, and Middle East and what do YOU believe?

Summit’s Eve: Historic meeting between Trump and Kim: In-depth analysis and coverage.

We’ll bring you the latest on the Summit as both nations posture for meeting.

Also, live updates on Kilauea, the ongoing crisis in Hawaii, and what officials are saying is another explosive summit eruption within the next 24 hours, as crater/caldera slumps could trigger larger eruption.

Plus a Bilderberg update, and we’ll check the latest goings-on in the Middle East, and the latest on the hostage situation at an apartment c0mplex in Florida.



And what do YOU believe is happening in the culture in the United States? Why doe people like Robert Deniro keep on losing their minds, while the President is leading America back to prosperity and growth in 16 m0nths which Obama couldn’t or WOULDN’T do in 8 YEARS? We’ll explain the Trump Derangement syndrome plaguing the quivering triggered leftist ballerinas like Deniro and Bill Maher.



And GREAT news for anybody who is paying attention to the unfolding collapse of the Climate Change crazies!

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