JJ McCartney Show LIVE 3-5PM ET Thursday May 13th 2021 JJ McCartney vs. the Globalist SCUM

JJ McCartney is LIVE today with the latest news, commentary and much more. Have you stopped to ask yourself recently why nothing the “experts” have suggested recently has worked in the “fight” against the “pandemic”??

The reason it isn’t “working” is because it was never meant to work. It was meant to wear down the psyche of the people. They are attempting to prevent people from getting back to life as usual. And THAT is their ultimate end-game.

When a poser like Joe Biden says IF you get the jab, and IF you wear masks until you die, then MAYBE you can have a few friends over for a 4th of July picnic…understand that he and the globalists are condescending to we, the people from a complete LACK of constitutional authority.

They cannot control us, because there is no constitutional power granted to them to dictate how we live our lives.

We’ll shed some light today, and ask more pointed questions about this grand scamdemic.

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