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Isn’t it surrealistic to see how Hollyweird goes so ridiculously “woke” with their Oscars fiasco? Nobody is buying movie tickets, nobody is watching the Oscars, nobody is buying into the BS any more, and if the wizards of smart in the entertainment industry aren’t shaking in their designer shoes yet, they should be.

The consumers are revolting, mainly because the elitist snobbery has once again demonstrated how completely out of touch with real America they truly are.

When a washed-up has-been(or never-really-was) like Rosanna Arquette apologizes for being white, anybody who had the misfortune of watching had their vomit-reflex triggered simulktaneously.

And in the grand scheme of things these people, you would think, would have been happy after their moron Biden got installed(not elected), Derek Chauvin got convicted(which will never survive the appeals process), and the globlist left is now calling for the biggest tax increase in history.,

But no, they are still bent on complaining on how bad America, and specifically WHITE America is.

And so they mustn’t act too shocked to learn that WHITE America is no longer buying their bullshit “product”.

The education system has failed generations of these “woke” idiots. The fact that they cannot do the simple arithmetic drives that point home better than anything else!

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