JJ McCartney Show Thursday: Sleazy Al Franken EXPOSED, and INS Special Agent(ret.) Michael Cutler

Sleazy Minnesota Senator Al Franken a groper, says  personality Leeann Tweeden (morning news anchor on TalkRadio 790 KABC in Los Angeles)

Creepy Senator Al Franken fondles a sleeping Leeann Tweeden

There is an epidemic happening among leftists in Hollywood and Washington, DC, and apparently in Minnesota. It is the diseased thinking of these deranged and morally bereft “celebrities” that causes them to believe they are above the law, and that sexual misconduct, regardless of degree, is somehow an accepted behavior, and is nothing serious, so long as the individual accused is an America-hating, self-avowed God-hating leftist.

The tide has shifted in America, and sexual misconduct, no matter how “casual” or seemingly victim-less, will no longer be tolerated.

Brave women are beginning to push back against the molesters, the rapists, the predators and those complicit in cover-ups, purposely looking the other way as powerful people seek to assert their power and authority to intimidate people into becoming their objects of sexual amusement or brutalization, mainly as a tool of intimidation over the seemingly powerless victims.

Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Gropin’ Joe Biden, Dennis Hastert(admittedly, not a leftist, but one deceptive pervert who is now residing in a penitentiary where he belongs…but please ask why Bill Clinton, his crony Mr. Epstein, and literally dozens of incumbent politicians in Washington) are not in adjoining cells?) all have been served notice that the people are no longer going to forgive and forget when they are caught with pants down.

OK…now changing subjects…

Join JJ McCartney from 3 to 5pm ET as he covers the news of the day, and in hour 2, Michael Cutler, a 30-year Special Agent for the INS will be our guest as we talk about the ever-expoanding threat in America of non-assimilating Muslim terrorists laying in wait posing as refugees.

The time has arrived for We, the People to start pushing back against a corrupt justice system, stacked with deep-state operatives placed by Barack Obama, and sadly by George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, activist justices who ignore the Constitutional separation of powers, and who have become obstructionists, violating the will of the people expressed at the polls a year ago.

These judges, from Hawaii, San Francisco, and Virginia(as well as those in D.C. and other federal jurisdictions) have abused theor positions to neutralize the President’s absolute authority to halt immigration policies which are subjecting American citizens to mortal danger, and giving aid and comfort to terrorists in the US and abroad.

We’ll talk about what we in the grass-roots can do to force these judges out!

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