JJ McCartney Show Tuesday April 6th 2021 News, Comment and reflections on milestones

JJ McCartney goes into the “way-back” machine today, as we reflect on events that happened on this day 36 years ago. Events that would forever change JJ’s path in life, and inspire him to grow beyond the brash young man he was into an entirely different realm of understanding in the business of broadcasting and communication.

Events 36 years ago took JJ from being a serviceable young air-talent to have a deeper understanding of why he chose this career, and how God was leading his every step.

From a precocious young kid with a good grasp of how to use a microphone, to a man who ha to wrestle with the harsh contrast of the comfy life in the studio, to a guy wrestling with transmitters, in the middle of swamps, in the midst of some of the harshest weather mother nature has to offer. And along the way, patient mentors showing him the basics, and working to enlighten a path that would lead him to the miracles that lay in store.

JJ McCartney, circa 1985 as Program Director and Chief Engineer at the brand new AM 1140 KCSY. Soldotna, Alaska.

JJ has a few tales to tell about the birth of a brand-new AM radio station that sprung to life on this day in 1985. The tales are true, the adventure non-stop.

Plus we will keep a watchful eye on what is happening in the news-world and keep you abreast of the pertinent truth.

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