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Why many fear an economic crisis looms large, as supply chains have been thoroughly interrupted as hundreds of container vessels are denied permission to off-load on the west coast, and why the so-called Biden administration has chosen to inflict harm on the American people. Clue: They are following perverse orders from wicked people bent on destroying the American economy and pounding people into compliance with unconstitutional mandates.

Okay, folks, everywhere you look in the “mainstream” media, you see tales of despair, fears, uncertainty and a kind of psychological battering aimed at dispiriting the good people of this nation. Fear-mongering media is doing what they always do, fanning the flames of fear, for the very political purpose of developing more dependence on the government that has so thoroughly betrayed and FAILED the American people.

Today JJ McCartney covers the news, and catches up with items you might have missed if you are one of the unfortunate people who get all their news and information from the corrupt mainstream media machinery, which is owned and operated by the globalists trying to destroy us from within.

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