JJ McCartney’s secret tricks of the trade! Things you never knew about old-school radio.

Tricks of the trade: when Radio was controlled by humans.

Today JJ McCartney talks about the good old days of real people, pushing the buttuns, turning the knobs, and speaking extemporaneously.

It’s a bygone era when radio was truly live, truly fun, and truly unpredictable. Are you paying attention, IHeartMedia?

JJ makes a last-ditch appeal to the mega-corporate-owned media to get back to real people.

Be sure to be listening in hour 2, when JJ reveals the dirty secrets of corporate-owned media and how it is all controlled by lawyers, yes-men and young inexperienced snot-nosed wet-behind-the-ears children who have no frame of reference to declare that the product they are churning out sucks.

And yes, I ought to know, since I have been in the industry for 41+ years.

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