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JJMcCartney.com is a work in progress. Like any other website that is run by bloggers, broadcasters or radio-talkers, ideas and information is constantly flowing. It’s a project that is NEVER finished.

So we are in the midst of trying to reconstruct, make it more visually appealing and easier for YOU to access the most important links and features without having to go on a lengthy hunting expedition.

Actual pocket-geek

Why do changes like this take so much time? Mainly because we are at the mercy of the geek-speaking code people who are capable of doing more with my website in ten minutes than I have been able to do in 20 years.

It isn’t a matter of promising them large sums of money or lavishing luxurious merchandise on them. It’s just a matter of the stars and planets aligning in such a manner that they actually can “get to your project”.

The carrot-and-stick method may be tried and true, but carrots are out of season and sticks are becoming much more expensive. Patience, then, is the prime ingredient in the recipe that leads to the promised-land.

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Meanwhile, we really do have big things planned for the new and improved JJMcCartney.com and we hope you will like the changes that will soon be forthcoming.

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And check back here often as we continue to tape-and-texture the drywall and slap some fresh paint on the walls!

Now…how can YOU help? Well, we have been self-funded for 8 years now. Producing the JJ McCartney Show has not been cheap. It has required a lot of sacrifice to do. But on occasion, people have supported us as they have felt led to.

Maintaining our studio, website and pushing our show to sources that allow it to ream thousands of people every day does require the occasional expenditure. Some are matter-of-fact items. But some are substantial. keeping our equipment in top running condition sometimes takes a bite out of our meager budget. ANY help is appreciated. To help, you can click the PayPal button and help as you can.

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JJ’s Radio Roots:

1978: It all started March 12, 1978 at…KRLW AM and KCAC FM in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas


in 1981, KBYR AM was the home of starving disk jockeys like me! I worked on-air and covered a lot of bases at the facility, which was owned atthe time by Northern Television, which also owned KNIK FM and CBS local TV station, KTVA. There, I operated camera for their local morning talk show and also the evening news. It was a foot in the door. At the bargain price of $4.00 an hour!


JJ spent a tumultuous six months working for AM 650 KYAK and FM 101.3 KGOT. Station management at the time was volatile and abusive. And JJ exited stage right as fast as he could!


JJ worked on-air at what used to be KKLV-FM 104.1 and AM 590 KHAR. The FM was an Adult Contemporary music station, while KHAR was known as Heart Radio, and played “beautiful music”.

1983-84: On-air at KWHL, known as the FM K-Whale, a new 100,000-watt Album Rock powerhouse.

A couple months later, JJ moved to #1 AM 750 KFQD, a 50,000 watt BLOWTORCH, and the first radio station in Alaska.

1985-1988: JJ was AM 1140 KCSY Soldotna, Alaska’s first program director, morning jock, and engineer for this brand-new AM station. JJ built the studios, assembled an air staff, and compiled a full music library of over 5,000 oldies.

1988-89, JJ McCartney moved to KSRM/KWHQ in 1988, as the Operations manager and on-air personality. JJ Met his wife Susan here.


JJ McCartney moved back into the Anchorage market in 1989 and Found his way to the morning show on Magic 98.9 KYMG FM.

1991-92: After the birth of their only child, JJ shifted into TALK RADIO. JJ was the operations director and afternoon talk-show host for then AM550 Newsradio KENI. Today KENI occupies AM650(formerly KYAK). JJ’s show was the top-rated local talk show in the market.

1992-1995: In 1992, JJ and the family moved to the vibrant Matanuska Valley, taking up residence at KMBQ radio in Wasilla, Alaska. JJ was the station engineer, morning show host, sports play-by-play man, and the station manager.

It was in these years JJ got to know people like Sarah Palin and many business people and political figures in the area.

JJ remained at KMBQ until the family moved out of Alaska in 1995.

1995-1997: KKIX “KIX 104″Fayetteville, Arkansas

JJ and the family relocated to Fayetteville, Arkansas where JJ worked on-air and as an engineer until making the move to Nebraska. JJ discovered several alter-egos while in Fayettevile, including Billy Vanilli, who introduced a whole new rendition of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks fight song!

1999-2011: JJ McCartney was the voice of the Ogallala Indians, calling radio play-by-play Football and basketball on KMCX FM 106.5, as well as working on-air for the FM station known as 99.7 the LAKE.

In 2012, JJ suffered some serious health setbacks, which have limited him to the life he leads today.