July 15th 2020 IQ Al Rassooli plus Way Fair OUTRAGE

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Call to Arms

Watching the recent disgusting displays of anarchy, looting and wanton destruction of America’s monuments and history in the USA, reminded me of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Soviet Union.

While the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Soviet Union were revolutionary events, what is transpiring in the USA are thuggery and nihilism conducted by an extremely small but very active group of young Americans who believe in the supremacy of their intellect and sense of justice over and above the absolute majority of Americans.

Let us assume that the people who participated in the violent events in 70 cities in the USA number 10,000 in each city. This means that 700,000 Americans out of a population of 331,000,000 (2020 estimate). Using percentages, 0.2% (0.002) of criminally minded Americans have caused more havoc, fear, destruction, disruption and intimidation, in a few weeks, than any adversary of the USA in recorded history.

This abnormality was able to transpire only, because of the collusion, spinelessness, concerted misrepresentation of Facts and Reality and criminal negligence by the mostly Democrat run cities (Governors, Mayors and or Police Commissioners) and their propaganda arm of the Fake News Media, both on TV and in print.

Under no circumstances, can any moral and rational human being, associate the murder of Floyd, with the wilful, mindless destruction and looting of the properties and livelihoods of innocent Americans.

All those who participated in these events, hi jacked the Floyd murder to advance their own agenda to overthrow the American Republic by using Donald J Trump as a red herring and excuse.

All of these youth are under educated people (White, Black and others), whose knowledge of the discovery of the Americas, American history, the Founding Fathers, American Constitution, history of the Black slaves and Racism, is less than the knowledge of a pig regarding the science of personal hygiene (I am sorry for insulting pigs).

Let me share with you the common characteristics of the perpetrators and active actors in these horrific events:

a.     Social Justice Warriors: These misfits, have no concept of Socialism or of Justice, nor are these cowards, warriors. Watching them in action, they are only brave when they are numerous against defenceless others.

These under educated and ill-informed miscreants do not know that under Socialism, everyone is equal in misery and subjugation.

b.    Black Lives Matter: An Organized Crime Syndicate, whose title alone is racist because the inherent meaning is, the supremacy of Black lives above and over those of the lives of White, Hispanic and Asian Americans.

The unhinged leader of BLM, threatened all American on TV, that unless they (BLM) gets what they are demanding, they will ” burn down the system”. He said it without anyone chastising him or any legal action taken against him.

c.     Antifa: Actually a replica of the Nazi Brown Shirts, using exactly the same tactics of violence, terror and intimidation to silence all those who disagree with them.  

d.    CAIR: Council on American- Islamic Relations, as well as ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), have infiltrated and actively supported all the above so as to irrevocably and permanently plant Islamic Sharia in the USA

e.     White Americans: Under educated young men and women, from mostly well to do families, who have been indoctrinated for decades by leftist, globalist, secularist ‘professors’ and ‘academics’ in elite High Schools and Universities, to despise the very Capitalism that allowed these traitors the luxuries of these universities.

These young men and women were not taught the beginnings of American history or the Constitution nor the history of Black slavery; they were inculcated to denigrate religions and to believe that all humans are of equal value at all times and circumstances.

They were not reminded that only 87 years ago, the Nazis started with burning books they did not like, then burnt humans in the Holocaust.  That tearing down statues and history is the precursor to tearing down Democracy and the Rule of Law.

No one in the USA has been willing to point out to all the above morons, that humans are only equal under the Law, because humans differ in abilities, achievements, intelligence and many other variables, that make each human being a unique creature.

That White Europeans were enslaved by Arabs and Muslims starting from the conquest of Spain by the Arab Tariq bin Ziyad in 711 AD.

That White Europeans suffered Arab and Muslim enslavement and or subjugation for almost 1200 years, until the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1919.

That Africans had been traded by Arabs and Muslims relentlessly for the last 1400 years and continuing even today, in Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan, Libya and others.

That White Europeans started buying African slaves from Arab and African Muslims as well as from indigenous African Kingdoms, from the 17th century till the end of the American civil war in 1865.

That under the leadership of Thomas Jefferson, the new state of Virginia in 1778 became the first state and one of the first jurisdictions anywhere, to stop the importation of slaves for sale; it made it a crime for traders to bring in slaves from out of state or from overseas for sale; migrants from within the United States were allowed to bring their own slaves. The new law freed all slaves brought in illegally after its passage and imposed heavy fines on violators. All the other states in the United States followed suit

That in Britain, America, Portugal and in other parts of Europe, opposition developed against the slave trade. In the 1830s, Britain declared the abolition of slavery and made it a criminal offense for any ship on the high seas to deal with the slave trade.

That only under Democratic Capitalism can free people aspire to and achieve their highest goals. That Capitalism and only Capitalism have raised the standard of living of the greatest number of human beings ever. That only under Democratic Capitalism can a mulatto Muslim be elected to be President of the USA twice, by White Americans.

That over 200,000,000 people struggled legally or illegally to come to allegedly racist America to achieve the “American Dream”.

Under the current circumstances, it is incumbent upon all Americans who believe in the survival of the Republic to start a “Call to Arms”. An insurrection to overthrow the tyrannical politicians who have allowed criminals to take over their cities.

Americans who are shocked and outraged watching their tax dollars go up in flames; Law and Order collapsing; the thin Blue Line of the Police who try to keep citizens safe, being insulted, humiliated and defunded by the same spineless and cowardly politicians, who allowed criminals to burn their cities. Furious Americans should do the following, to counter all the above entities attempting to overthrow the Constitution and the Republic.

1.      Any 2nd Amendment organization should publicly declare in advance, that at a certain weekend, all Americans who have the right to carry weapons and or hold legal weapons to meet, fully armed, at the Governors’ and or Mayors’ offices and demand that the following should be implemented immediately:

a.     Stop all actions to Defund the police otherwise, “We the tax paying People” will withhold paying city and state taxes, until the rule of law is implemented, and our cities are secured.

b.    That all police should go back to work, never again to be threatened and or humiliated, because of the actions of an infinitesimally small number of rogue officers

c.     That unless and until these demands are attended to, all “We the People” who have legal arms, will carry them every day, everywhere, to safeguard our homes, businesses and cities since the restricted police cannot do so anymore

d.    That tax paying businesses who lost their livelihood will initiate Class Action claims against the politicians who grovelled to terror instead of defending their citizens

2.     All Americans who are outraged at the total lack of respect and ingratitude shown by sports organizations and overpaid individuals, who would rather support BLM and disrespect the flag by kneeling, to literally defund these jack asses by refusing to attend any of the sports events until these outrageously un American rules are overthrown. If millions of Americans would do such a very simple and patriotic act, these same entities who licked the backside of BLM will be out of business in one year if not one season.

3.     The same action should be applied to the Fake News Media. Once more, if millions of fuming Americans stop buying the New York Times and Washington Post, they too will fold financially and good riddance.

4.    The same should be done to CNN, MSNBC and others. Once again, incensed American patriots can use exactly the same weapon (financial) to defund these useless unpatriotic entities.

5.     The best and most stunning revenge against the Democrat Party – that not only allowed, but also incited the burnings and lootings – and all the above organizations that suffer from acute Trump Derangement Syndrome, would be, to Re-elect Donald J Trump for a second four years’ term as well as any Republican due for re-election.

I sincerely hope I have given the readers enough food for thought to ACT and really implement the “Call for Arms”.

IQ al Rassooli