June 15th, 2018: An Appeal to Democrats from Smart Americans

In 1992, the Democrats said “it’s the economy, stupid”.

In 1998, the Democrats said “the president’s sex-life is his personal business and is a private, family affair” between he and his wife!

In 2004 the Democrats said “Bush misled us into war, and lied about WMD’s!

In 2008 the Democrats said “Yes We Can”.

In 2012, the Democrats said it was a YouTube video that resulted in 4 dead Americans in Benghazi.

And in 2016, the Democrats rigged their own primaries to steal the nomination for President, and claimed that their nominee was the most popular woman on the planet.

Crooked Hillary. Crooked is one thing, but this explains why red-blooded real men(and many women) could never pull the lever to put THIS in charge. Woof!

Now, hear this:

In 1992, Ross Perot was the only reason Bill Clinton won.

In 1998, Hillary, the “”smartest woman in the world” claimed that it was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” that invented the false story about Monica Lewinski. Then, Bill Clinton was forced to admit that he lied over and over again about his sexual affair with then-19-year-old intern Lewinski.

Funnily enough, Hillary never did come back to explain exactly how the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ forced Bill Clinton to drop his pants and accidentally violate the mouth of the aforementioned 19-year-old intern.

In 2004, the Democrats suffered a party-wide case of amnesia about the fact that they all voted in favor of going to war with Iraq.

In 2016, after the longest and most destructive presidency in history, Americans read between the lines.

1- when the Dems said “it was the Econony, stupid” that the Dems weren’t actually concerned with the economy at all. They were just using a slick slogan to insult the American people by calling them “stupid”.

2- The Americans also figured out that just because “we can” doesn’t mean “we should”.

3- The people came to the realization that the politicians that go to Washington and then never leave have set up a system to enslave working people, and to drive the working-class into the poor-house.

And now for something totally different:

In 2016:

Donald Trump promised “He will be the greatest jobs-President God ever created.”

Donald Trump promised to put America first.

Donald Trump promised to restore America to it’s former greatness.

Donald Trump promised to pull us out of the TPP, the worst trade deal in our history.

Donald Trump promised to pull us out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Donald Trump promised to withdraw the U.S. from the terrible Iranian NucIear deal.

Within 16 months of taking office, he has kept every one of those promises.

And he has now brought North Korea to the negotiating table, and secured a denuclearization agreement with Kim Jong Un’s signature on it.

America’s unemployment rate is the lowest in 44 years. The unemployment rate among blacks is the lowest it has ever been. Wages have increased. And there are now more job openings in the U.S. than there are people looking for work.

And let’s not forget, President Trump promised tax cuts, and he delivered. As a result Hundreds of billions of dollars have returned to America, along with millions of new jobs in all sectors.

So, you Democrats, when you go to the polls in November, remember what you said in 1992. If, as you said, “it’s the economy, stupid”, then you must vote for conservative Republicans, because no Democrats backed any of Trump’s agenda items, which have created more wealth, more jobs, and more GDP than you even believed was possible.

It was Barack Obama, your “standard-bearer” who stated that the millions of lost jobs were never coming back.

Donald Trump knew better. And now, so do you.

If you want America to prosper, if YOU want to prosper, you must vote for conservatives in November.

But if you hate prosperity, then by all means, please go to the hardware store, buy some industrial-strength garbage bags, a roll of duct-tape, and do the math.(MATH, not meth).

Smart Americans.

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