June arrives to the usual double-standard, but the media is losing the people. TBS Boycott time. #FireSamanthaBeeNow plus the Colonel and JJ crush the puny ideas of the left!

Friday June 1st 2018. As we wind up for summer, JJ and the Colonerl will cover the day’s real news, and we’ll demolish the fake news from the lame media and we’ll make the case for boycotting all Tim,e-Warner media outlets until Samantha Bee is FIRED. Contact sponsors of all TBS programming, and demand they suspend all advertising with all Time-Warner outlets until Samantha Bee is fired and Full Frontal is cancelled.

Plus, the latest from the big island of Hawaii, and the Kilauea eruption is raising some very serious concerns, we will dive into the hidden forces propelling this calamity, as families lose their homes, and the volcano shows no sign of stopping it’s fierce lava flows and fountains.

Plus, do you get the feeling that something HUGE is about to happen?

We’ll discuss the instinct many people are feeling to get ready for something cataclysmic.

And the latest numbers are out: Unemployment is now at 3.8%, black unemployment is at yet another all-time low, and still the left refuses to acknowledge the great work President Trump is doing on the economy.

And we’ll talk about our highest priorities for the rest of the year!

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