Left-wing Obama Machine cranks up the race-baiting in Minneapolis, buses in rioters as side-show clowns Sharpton and Jackson move in with the circus!

Recognize the foul stench? It’s the same smell we had in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. The evil of the Obama era race-baiting and exploitation is now being imported to Minnesota by Obama’s political machinery. Eager to stoke racial unrest, Obama and his band of race-demons are even now trying to turn the unfortunate death of George Floyd into a dog-whistle signaling blacks in America’s cities to become lawless bands of marauders and destroyers.

There is such a familiarity to this that it should easily be recognized by now. Trayvon Martin. Baltimore’s Freddy Gray. The globalist media and past-their-prime celebrities are blaming everything on police. But what they are really attacking is the concept of law and order, and the rule of law.

Lawless thugs arrested in Minneapolis rioting, looting and arson cases

And of course, they will blame President Donald Trump. It’s just what the media does. Fairness be damned, they simply change their narrative on cue and instead of accepting President Trump’s legitimacy they seek another avenue to pursue his defeat.

And of course, inner-city blacks that have been sheltering in place for months now are champing at the bit to burn down some stores, to steal anything that isn’t tied down, and to terrorize their own neighborhoods, based on a raw hatred of white people and police, stoked by the most ridiculous array of race-baiters and haters in the world.

This likely will be a tumultuous time for law-abiding residents in the Twin Cities.

Meanwhile, as the media obsesses on divisive racial tensions, the President endeavors to re-spark America;s economy and allow working-class people to return to a normal and familiar routine of working and paying their own way again.

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