Lost October? Not so fast!

OK, it’s official.

JJ is back!

Wednesday JJ got back into the swing of things…and happily, not only survived, but felt really good(and looked really good) doing it!

After three weeks of nasty chest infection and respiratory distress, headaches, lethargy and general malaise, I finally managed to emerge from the funk, and came back to very little fanfare(on purpose, had to test my sea-legs).

So, I eased my way back into the traffic from the merge lane, and started to weigh in on the Las Vegas shooting and subsequent fiasco, as well as the nauseating mainstream media narrative. The daily fight to defend truth and refute the lies has once again started in earnest, and you will want to tune in Thursday as JJ delves into mountains of news, opinion, and in hour three, JJ’s guest will be our good friend and for INS Special Agent Michael Cutler.

The JJ McCartney Show. All the news and sound thought you need, without all the screaming and shouting!

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