March 19th: Hope of the World has a name: Jesus

In this troubled age, Where do you turn for hope, help, relief, rest, and purpose?

I am privileged to be here today, to tell you the only place you can find hope, help, relief, rest, and purpose! You who are weary, frustrated, sorrowful, fearful, or maybe you are just feeling like you do not belong.

Maybe you have called on Jesus in the past. Maybe you think you already know all there is to know about Jesus, and about what it means to be a Christian. But if the “church” you see on TV, or the church you hear at so-called churches of this modern age might not be all that there really is to this Jesus thing.

In truth, as the scripture says, Strait is the way and narrow is the gate that leads to salvation, and few pass through. The worldly churches today are no longer focused on Jesus. They seem to be much more focused on attracting people, and their pocketbooks, than on what every church should be focused on: God. Jesus. God’s Holiness, God’s glory. and speaking the truth with true passion for God, and for the preparation of the bride of Christ.

Churches should glorify God, and the point of the church is not to make people feel good, warm and fuzzy. The truth is that God created us to glorify him. He loves us, He has loved us to the utmost. But do we really love Him back? Or do we see Him as a means to our own ends?

“Bless me. Bless us financially. Enrich our home. Fill our bellies. See after our needs, and give us every modern comfort and convenience. Amen”. Sound familiar? I find myself shaking my head at how shallow and how self-centered so many of my own prayers have been over the years. We’ve been ignoring the essence of what it really means to be a child of God.

If you recall the parable of the Talents, which are you? ave you taken that which God gave you and investing it where it will return great profit? Or have you tucked it inside a rag and buried it in the ground? When the Master returns to reward His servants for their efforts, what would he say to me or to you?

Have we forgotten this? “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall; be added unto you.”

Blessings, the kind which will last for eternity, are what our heart should yearn for. Our worldly wants and desires are perishable, and none of them will pass from this world into your eternal home.

Jesus said “Lay up your treasures in Heaven, for where you treasure is, there shall your heart be also”.

How can we lay up treasure in Heaven? By walking in obedience to Jesus each day, and by faithfully serving Him, and by dwelling on His word, and by learning to derive joy from serving Him. You can only do that by truly making Jesus the LORD of your LIFE!

And how do you make Jesus LORD of your LIFE?

It requires repentance from your sin. This is a daily duty. It requires dropping your personal priorities in life for HIS. It requires a cleansing of your mind. It requires putting aside things which come between you and your service to Jesus.

And use your talents to serve Him! Take what you know how to do, what you are skilled at, and what you are interested in, and use them in service to Him, and your life will take on a new dimension of meaning, purpose and fulfillment which people will see, and be drawn to.

Forget about the world’s news. Focus on the GOOD NEWS, that Jesus paid our penalty, and died on a cross, for YOU and for ME. Our ransom has been paid. He has freed us. Now what should you and me do to express our gratitude?

My answer to THAT question? I must be His servant. I must go where He sends me. I must do what He tells me to do. I must give my life to Him.

THAT is the beginning of fulfilling the purpose for which He created ME!

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