MASS-DECEPTION: Leftist-controlled media spinning ridiculous pro-Biden victory narrative to discourage Trump supporters in hopes of suppressing them by November

The devil tries to deceive and intimidate people into cowering fearful people.

The media is the devil’s main instrument of deception at this moment in history, as the ridiculous media tries to foist the narrative(ridiculous narrative) that a Biden victory is somehow inevitable.

But we KNOW better. and we share all the facts LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET.

Biden in 2020 is only a more seasoned lying piece of political dog-meat. Never forget that.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to lead in his own indefatigable way. Resolute, committed, and devoted to the people of the United States of America, while Biden is devoted only to his political “controllers”. He is a domesticated political pet, who responds to the instructions. “Stand here.” “Say this”. “Speak only when we tell you to”. “Lie about China.” ” Lie about Ukraine.”

The ridiculous narrative that Biden is ahead is the brainchild of the well-c oordinated globalist-owned, globalist-run media. They are the full-time propagandists of the devile and his left-wing political demons.

When November comes, they will attempt to steal the election through mass-fraud, misinformation, and the culmination of the biggest psy-op in world history.

The single biggest criminal conspiracy in the history of humanity is well underway by the deceptors in the Democrat party, led by Barack Obama’s deep state and George Soros money.

Join us LIVE today as we flash back to August of 2017, in the immediate aftermath of the Charlottesville BLM/Antifa attacks on peaceful protesters and tell us if it sounds familiar?

The George Floyd protests were simply the second phase of these well-crafted lies and narratives. It was take-two for the leftist media. It was like Charlottesville was the dressed rehearsal for this fraud and all the aftermath.

TRUTH, friends doesn’t sheepishly erode in the face of a lying gaggle of media-geese trying to bury you in goose-crap!!

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