Why are the Dems so pissed off? Because America is becoming GREAT AGAIN on Trump’s watch!!

As America’s economic engine has been re-tuned, and jobs and prosperity are on a historic rise, whining angry and incensed Democrats are in full toddler-tantrum mode across the fruited plane.

When ridiculous and embarrassing rants from reprobates like Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer open their mouths expressing concern for illegal alien’s children separated from their parents at the border, once can only shake one’s head at the hypocrisy as these are the largest advocates for abortion on-demand.

And then there are the so-called celebrities like Whoopie Goldberg, telling the world to stay out of her private-parts(of course she didn’t say private-parts…but the actual anatomical descriptors). Believe me, Whoopie, NOBODY has ANY INTEREST in your private-parts. NONE WHATSOEVER!

And then there are the completely unbiased innocents in the main-stream media. And like Nessie, Unicorns and purple dinosaurs, none can be found in nature. The coverage last week of the Judiciary committee hearing as Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray were grilled by frustrated congress members was a delicious reprieve from bias, because the hearing went on long enough that the hack leftist reporters didn’t have a chance to pollute the live coverage with their ridiculous commentary.

Now, as we prepare for the 242nd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we can truly celebrate a land that is gaining in strength and we can reflect on a political system which, while imperfect, is still allowing We, the People to determine our own course as a nation, and that means that with morally upright people dutifully going to the polls, we have the power to fire the corrupt, hire the unspoiled, and weigh in on the true priorities of the working-class, tax-paying public.

President Trump is doing a great job restoring our economy, protecting our people, and leading the way instead of denigrating our military, apologizing all around the world and bowing to princes and making the rounds on the late-night talk show circuit like a desperate aging pop-star who would do or say anything to get any adulation, regardless of it’s lack of authenticity.

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