Monday July 1st 2019 The Monday Rundown LIVE 3-5pm ET

On this Monday the 1st of July, JJ McCartney delivers the message all of America needs to hear!

What’s all this talk of democrats debating? a room full of ass-clowns and deluded mentally defective leftist lib-tards is unworthy of the nation’s attention!

Basically these people have been throwing non-stop temper-tantrums for 3 years now. And how are you supposed to deal with tantrum-throwing toddlers? The answer is to ignore them and never, ever feed their delusions with attention. Instead, you set one less place at the grown-up dinner-table, and if they persist, send them to stand in the corner until they behave in an acceptable fashion.

JJ has many more life lessons to impart on Today’s edition of The JJ McCartney Show!