Monday April 16th: Syria/Russia, SC Prison riot, The Winter that wou;ldn’t quit. Let’s remain calm, people.

America’s “Chicken Littles” cry “the sky is falling” need to calm down and stop “knee-jerking” for once in your lives.

That means Alex, Sean, Laura, Glenn, and all the rest of the “hooked on melodrama” carnical barkers at Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS and the also-rans on cable.

The situation in Syria is complicated, and clearly there is more than the eye can see clearly at this moment. Jumping to reckless conclusions and declaring a national state of crisis is  premature and irresponsible.

And Alex, just because you feel something doesn’t mean there is reason to panic. Some claim the missile salvos fired late Friday night(Saturday morning) in Syria were a radical step for President Trump to take when just last week he indicated a desire to pull America’s forces out altogether.

But somebody used chemical weapons on Syrian citizens last week. That much we know. And while it makes zero sense that Bashar Al Assad would use chemical weapons on civilians, if he did for whatever reason, then there needed to be consequences.

Trump did not act unilaterally. And he acted on the advice of his advisers and upon what is being called evidence that this was Assad’s doing.

And ponder some more meaningful questions, like this:

IF Assad used chemical weapons(killing 67), what message would it send if we did not respond? It would be the same meaningless red line.

What we need to be doing right now is remaining calm, and having patience enough to see what evidence there is, and what prompted Trump, May and Macron to launch the missiles a couple days ago.

OK, change of subject. The winter of 2017/18 has proven to have more staying power than anybody thought possible. Blizzards, record snowfalls, power outages, stranded motorists, and the New York Subways flood.

We’re seeing record snows in the upper Mid-west, and in spite of what the calendar says, people are straining to believe what they see. Wednesday of last week, we registered 84 degrees here. Friday morning, the blizzard arrived, reducing temps from 47 at midnight to 25 by mid-afternoon, with 61 MPH wind, gusts to 68, and complete whiteout conditions and 300 stranded motorists in the most rapid onset of a blizzard we have seen in over 20 years living in this neck of the woods.

We were unable to do a live show Friday, due to power outages that sporadically kept us close to the flashlights. Some here were without power for almost two days.

And then there was all the overblown hoopla in the lame-stream media over crooked Jim Comey’s book, packed full of snowflake whining, blaming everything in the world on President Trump, and sounding like the Eddie Haskell  wanna-be he is.

Comey bet on Hillary and lost. He didn’t like it. So he used his position at the FBI to undermine, stonewall and spread seeds of his own corruption, inspiring others to leak, obstruct and hamper Trump’s efforts to fulfill his promises to the American people.

Comey is perhaps the biggest panty-waist ever to set foot in the front doors of the Bureau.

So everybody relax, take a few breaths, and join me today LIVE as we apply reason and rational thought, instead of knee-jerk panic and crying ‘wolf’.

We’re all still here. And we are witnessing unprecedented levels of hatred, vitriol, and unhinged people feigning indignance when in reality, the previous administration got away with murder time after time after time with absolutely no fear of being exposed buy the left-friendly media, the political conniving at the FBI, Justice dept. and all over the intelligence community, used as a political weapon against Obama’s foes, or nay-sayers.

We still haven’t seen any credible investigation of the Seth Rich murder, and Hillary has more blood on her hands than all her abortionist-pals combined.

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