Monday April 30th: Happy Birthday Susan, + Surviving the Globalist soft-kill

Monday’s edition of The JJ McCartney Show we’ll talk about the soft-kill tactics of the globalists as they are springing their trap on the civilized Judeo/Christian world, hoping nobody will notice the nature of their trap until it is too late to reverse it’s affect.

We all suspected foul play when Andrew Breitbart dropped dead the day before he was going to blow the whistle on Barack Obama in 2012.

We all were baffled after Antonin Scalia was found dead in his bed at a Texas Bed and Breakfast, when there was no autopsy performed.

We all were saddened when we learned that Tony Snow was suffering from terminal cancer far before his time.

Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone reporter got a little too close to the Globalist scheme and was killed when his Mercedes exploded rolling down the road(as Mercedes are known to do, right?).

And that’s not all. The year is 2018, Donald Trump is the President, and the globalists are panicked! So what’s next? Who is next? And how can any truth-teller in the independent news and commentary business ensure they are not the next victims.

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