Monday April 6th 2020: The Massive Coronavirus Shakedown: Definition of a False Narrative

It’s high tim,e somebody called the Coronavirus Pandemic which I am calling the “CoronaPanic” what it really is:

A gigantic shakedown for cash from the government, as well as a massive media manipulation of markets, the economy and the 2020 election.

A Shakedown is where you put someone at a distinct disadvantage and then try to squeeze them for as much money as you can get out of them. It is a common ploy among globalists at the WHO, as well as the United Nations.

And their original climate-change shakedown didn’t pan out because our courageous President Trump refused to bow at their globalist alter and destroy the American economy and the energy sector.

Meanwhile, 3500 rental cars in Florida just “spontaneously combust”. Does anybody know where Jessica Thunberg was when the fire broke out?

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