Monday August 12th 2019: Jeff Norton, Hong Kong Showdown, Monday headlines

Hong Kong Airport closes amid pro-democracy protests, as China threatens a crackdown

HONG KONG (AP) — One of the world’s busiest airports canceled all flights after thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators crowded into Hong Kong’s main terminal Monday, while the central government in Beijing issued an ominous characterization of the protest movement as something approaching “terrorism.”

The extreme action by the largely leaderless movement seemed calculated to prompt a stern response from Beijing, and Communist Party leader Xi Jinping’s administration responded within hours.

No new violence was reported by Monday evening, although the city remained on edge after more than two months of near-daily and increasingly bloody confrontations between protesters and police.

Jeffrey Epstein still deceased, Nothing about this smells at all funny(except for the scent of Clintons and 4-day-old tuna sandwiches).

It would almost seem funny were it not so predictable. Jeffrey Epstein, the 66-year-old billionaire pedophile who was the curator of his own private island in which he pimped out underage girls to the rich and famous, was supposedly found dead in his cell early Saturday morning at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, as myriad “mistakes” were made in leaving Epstein unsupervised when he was supposed to be on suicide watch.

Epstein was su[[posed to be wearing a jumpsuit which would have prevented him from being able to harm himself, but apparently that wasn’t the case. He was also left unobserved for several hours, in spite of the requirement that someone look in on him every 30 minutes.

On July 23rd, Epstein was found nearly unconscious in his cell from another alleged attempt to hang himself. How, 18 days later, he was left unattended, with no video surveillance, is clearly a problem for the department of corrections to address.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who said she’s toured the MCC, said she found it “very difficult to understand how something like this could have happened.”

“My understanding is that he should have been on suicide watch and the people on suicide watch are placed in a type of jumpsuit that wouldn’t allow them to hurt themselves or others,” she said.

Federal prison officials violated normal procedures by leaving Epstein, 66, alone without a cellmate and not checking on him every 30 minutes the night before he was found, according to a report Sunday.

In addition, both of the guards overseeing the unit were working overtime, with one on his fifth straight day of extra hours and the other forced to remain on duty, the New York Times said.

Bob Hood, a former chief of internal affairs for the Bureau of Prisons, told the Times that it was “beyond me” why Epstein was taken off a 24-hour suicide watch following the July 23 incident, especially given the steady stream of humiliating news reports about him.

“A man is dead. The Bureau of Prisons dropped the ball. Period,” Hood said.

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