Monday August 23rd 2021: JJ McCartney’s Monday Rundown LIVE 3-5pm ET

Relax…the country is is SUCH GOOD HANDS!!!!

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It’s really this simple, people: If you, like me, understand that Boden/Harris didn’t “win”, then it is you and me who are NOT living in the alternate reality clown world of the globalist-controlled media.

OUR reality will be what we make it from this moment forward.

NOBODY can force us to accept the insult to our nation that is Biden and Harris.

And as for Afghanistan, it’s further proof that everything the political far-left touches turns to crap in a very short matter of time.

The national embarrassment that is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is the biggest test yet of the American people.

What are we willing to tolerate before we take back our nation from the insurgent globalist cabal that is running the government now.

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