Monday August 27th 2018 – Trump’s Monday Rundown- GDP upgraded to 4.6%, Stock Market SOARS upward to record highs. McCain’s sad(but true) legacy.

To the bitter end: McCain exits with middle finger extended toward Trump and his supporters.

Since he lost the 2000 Republican primary race to George W. Bush, John McCain became a bitter, vengeful and insufferable bane to conservatives in America.

And he built his entire political career on lies, exaggerations and behavior unbecoming of a possible leader. McCain was conceited, angry and became the media’s darling by repeatedly “sticking it to the conservatives in the GOP.”

McCain could be counted on to side with the democrats any time it kept his name in the papers. McCain was forever thirsting for the spotlight, starved for attention, but moreso starved for relevance.

Whenhe announced he was fighting cancer two years ago, he had a chance to bow out gracefully. Instead, he became more and more bitter with each day that passed. Instead of attempting to help President Trump lead the nation into prosperity and make America Great Agaoin, McCain chose to take pot-shots, to denigrate President Trump, and tried repeatedly to embarrass and shame the President.

His lasting legacy will be his eagerness to be the guy that handed the fake Steele Dossier to the FBI. At a time when the country needed unity, he was all too willing to throw his fellow Republicans under the bus. Like the opera singer who refuses to exit the stage, McCain refused to leave in a manner that would have been more beneficial to his country and his constituents.

Graceless. Pathetic. and bitter to the end, McCain’s legacy will be his “Me-first” attitude, his disgraceful betrayal of his fellow servicemen in VietNam, and the dozens of pilots and crewmen shot down because of intel and training HE provided to the Viet Kong while he was a POW. That and his disgraceful behavior on the Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal after a fire and explosions killed 134 of his fellow sailors, largely because he released two of his bombs onto the flight deck of the Forrestal in his haste to exit the cockpit.

All of that, followed by a disgraceful 36-year political career is the true legacy of the late John McCain.

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