Monday August 28th: Heroes, Houston, Hurricanes and… HAARP?

 Pray for Texas!

After a historic four days of hurricane-driven torrential rains, winds and massive flooding never-before seen in such a broad area, the state of Texas still has more rain to contend with as the people of Eastern Texas try to collect themselves and figure out where to even start to rebuild their homes, regather their belongings and get on with their lives.

 While the news channels can and do convey the situation, and tell the stories of many of the storm’s victims, it is an experience that few can truly comprehend, unless you have lived thgrough such a crippling loss.

Floodwaters do not discriminate. They rush where gravity dictates, and they are a dirty means of destroying memories, and forever disrupting the tranquility most people build into their homes.

And while my family experienced every bit of that ourselves in 2002, losing our home to a 1000-year flood, we are trying to wrap our own minds around the fact that our own story is likely multiplied by a million in Texas. Every story is unique, different and equally tragic.

In times like this, prayers are vital. But that isn’t enough. People from every state should be springing into motion now to help with the relief effort in Texas. Perhaps this massive storm could be a way that Americans of all types, all colors, all political persuasions, and all backgrounds can focus on the things we agree on, and perhaps this storm’s aftermath will bring out the best in all Americans.

Texas has much to contend with today. And it will be this way for months to come. And once all the waters have receded, the scars and the pain will not leave the affected people for years to come. Things can be replaced. But the thing that makes this kind of flood a git-punch to so many is that they try to interpret the flood and their victim-hood as being some kind of punishment meted out by an angry God for something they have done which they cannot figure out.

People must learn the lesson my family has learned over the past 15 years: All things work together for good, for those who love the Lord, who are called according to His purpose.

Our mortal minds cannot see the bigger picture. This is where we have to trust God had a purpose in selecting us to suffer this temporary affliction. Even in the face of this kind of catastrophe, we can shine the light of Christ in our countenance, our faith, and our witness and testimony.

Texans are hurting, confused, scared, and at the same time they are thankful to be alive, grateful for those who have shown them kindness, and encouraged by the help pouring into the state in the same way the floodwaters did.

Pray for Texas. And please do what you can to help:

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