Tuesday December 18th 2018 Guests: H1: Dr. Mark Davis; H2: Ann Ubelis of Southern Sense Talk Radio

Tuesday on The JJ McCartney Show:

In Hour 1, we visit with Dr. Mark Davis! Then in Hour 2 Tuesday:


Annie Ubelis of Southern Sense Radio!! Join JJ and Annie as they catch up after far too long! News, opinion, and the principles of this public servant, long-time police officer and fellow conservative!

We’ll talk about the latest developments in the Trump White House, the orchestrated attacks from the left and the right, and why the one thing the political establishment cannot stand if a truly principled man who wants to make America great again!

We’ll talk about her radio show, and the exciting future of Conservative talk radio!

We’re less than 2 years from the 2020 election. Serious conservatives need to get on board the train and put our best effort into stopping those who have a problem with making America great again, and securing our borders.

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