Monday December 20th 2021: The Monday Rundown LIVE 3-5pm ET Today’s theme: Defending TRUTH

Today on The JJ McCartney Show LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET it’s the Monday Rundown, as we get ready for Christmas!

This is going to be a festive week here at The JJ McCartney Show, and we have some special treats for you!

Introducing the next level of talk radio: JJ McCartney’s Conversation Unlimited. We’ll talk with newsmakers, pundits, real American heroes, and people who refuse to surrender any of their freedoms in the false name of security, “Public Health” and “the greater good”.

The greater good can only be truly served when people a free to assert all of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. With our faith in God, Free people are the foundation upon which true wealth and economic prosperity are based.

2021 has, without a doubt, been the most disastrous year in modern American history.

A Hijacked Federal government has attempted to defile our institutions, erase entire eras of our history, and misrepresent our founders as immoral and evil. At the same time, this hijacked government has promoted perversions, attacked true people of faith, and attempted to undermine a parent’s right to exercise any oversite of their child’s education.

At the same time, the southern border has been completely ignored, and enforcement of our laws has been stopped in the most lawless parts of our nation.

So as we prepare for one of our most sacred Christian holidays, what are you prepared to do about the evil government and the enemies within that are controlled by globalist interests?

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