Monday December 28th 2020: Anticipating the promise of the new year? Prepare for more of the same old swamp.

OK, so how was everybody’s Christmas?

For us it was quiet, understated, and peaceful. We watched White Christmas, feasted on delicious turkey and stuffing, and enjoyed a nice time together.

What we did not do is spend money we didn’t have on gifts for the sake of gifting. We are not alone, I am sure in grinding through the budget woes of the modern Covid muck.

People are trying to cope with hardships the l;ikes of which we have not seen in our lifetimes, unless you are a survivor of the Great Depression.

Let’s not pretend this isn’t painful, difficult and terribly bothersome to us all.

But from struggles, we find abundant HOPE ins our Lord and Savior Jesus!! and THAT is the main point of commemorating Christmas!

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