Monday February 17th 2020: Washington’s Birthday, Monday Rundown LIVE

Monday February 17th 2020:

The media hyping Bloomberg just another ridiculous, over-hyped fantasy from the hard, hard left-wing.

As the economy soars, as America celebrates a new-found energy independence, as jobs are being created across the spectrum, as America is WINNING, the media whores, addicted to a ridiculous fantasy world-view where truth is sacrificed in favor of imagined conspiracies, now we see the media fawning over the “possibility” that Mike Bloomberg will draft two-time-loser Hillary Clinton to be his VP in 2020.

Of course, Bloomberg has yet to score even one delegate in the Democrat race, but apparently the desperate media believes he can buy his way to the nomination in spite of the voters. The establishment democrats are desperate to dispatch with Bernie Sanders at any cost. If Sanders prevails in the primaries, anticipate a medical emergency to disqualify him from the race. Even if that means he suffers a Antonin Scalia-like fate.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are fudging lots of numbers regarding the Coronovirus, and the wild speculation about the possible pandemic are getting plenty of ink. But what is the real danger of this here in the heartland of America?

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