Monday February 22nd 2021: A Patriot’s calling. The season for courageous defiance has arrived!

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, JJ McCartney shares why the time has arrived for absolute defiance of this illegitimate puppet regime in Washington.

JJ will lay out the path to patriotic victory, and why we must never capitulate to the authoritarians and would-be tyrants who have ignored the voices of countless millions of patriots and concerned citizens.

And after last week, we are all Texans. Every citizen who witnessed how a sever4 winter storm was politicized by the so-called White House must understand what they tried to do.

If America is to remain a representative republic, we must assert the Constitution, and if the courts aren’t going to do the same, then clearly it is time for Americans to rise up and demand a purge in D.C., and very soon!