Monday January 21 2019 Monday Rundown- Wild World of Weird Sports

It’sd M0nday, also Martin Luther King day. and yes, we have plenty of news to report.

But most people who follow football are talking about the “blown call” in yesterday’s NFC championship game, as though the officials lost the game for the Saints. Loudmouth morons like Boomer Esaiason whined with great amounts of lather about how the game was lost by that one call. JJ will as a public service explain why that isn’t fair to the Rams or the fans of the Rams.

Also in acknowledging Tom Brady going to his 9th Superbowl, senior citizens get a free cup of coffee at McDonald’s. Brady seems to get more annoyingly proficient as he ages, especially when the temperature is colder than a well-digger’s shovel. Chiefs fans almost tasted the sweet nectar of a Superbowl berth, but that was with 2-and-a-half minutes left in the game.

The quintessential set-up for a Brady comeback, after which the Chiefs wunderkind drove his team down the field with 39 seconds left to set up a field goal, to force overtime.

But the game was lost when the Patriots won the coin toss. Typical Tom Brady.

For the non-football fans out there, soak this in. It is historic, and likely never will be matched in the future.

Now, as far as our main bailiwick, politics and world history, we have plenty of ground to cover, and breaking news as it happens.

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