Monday January 27th 2020: Kobe Bryant, Bolton betrayal bolstered by FAKE NEWS

After yesterday’s shocking news of the helicopter crash in Los Angeles County that claimed 9 lives including that of 41-year-old Kobe Bryant and his 143-year-old daughter, tributes have been poured out by celebrities and athletes across the spectrum.

Instead of pouring syrupy comments out about Kobe Bryant, I will simply observe the obvious: Tomorrow is not assured to anybody, regardless of their wealth, fame or stature.

Life is to be enjoyed each day for the blessing and gift that it is.

How people can make these observations yet ignore the cause of LIFE as it relates to the unborn baffles me.

Join JJ McCartney for a lively conversation regarding headlines about John Bolton, and the mainstream media trying to artificially for false witnesses into the Impeachment trial going on in the Senate.

Sadly, John Bolton’s character is not what I  thought it was. The man is now undermining the Trump[ Presidency, which not very long ago he promised to serve. But Bolton’s globalist agenda is now exposed. And his ties to the Council on Foreign Relations and the Atlantic Council is impossible to ignore or forgive.

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