Monday January 28th 2019 Pastor Carl Gallups is JJ’s Guest

Today is Monday January 28th 2019. JJ’s guest in hour 1 today is Bestselling Author and Pastor Carl Gallups of PP Simmons media, and the pastpor at Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida. Carl is a frequent guest on television and radio around the nation.

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Also today we will give a complete rundown on what you NEED to know.

33 Years Ago Today:

“Obviously a major malfunction”

It was 33 years ago today the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 67 seconds after liftoff, when an O-ring in the right Solid Rocket Booster allowed hot gasses and flame to escape, which blew onto the lower portion of the liquid hydrogen and Oxygen fuel tank.

The violent explosion of the fuel tank disintegrated the shuttle, killing all 7 astronauts on board, including New Hampshire school teacher Krista McAuliffe, who was selected to be the first teacher in space.


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