Monday January 4th 2021 LIVE: 4-6pmET HAPPY NEW YEAR

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 4-6pm ET for The JJ McCartney Show airing LIVE at Red State Talk Radio and JJ and streaming live on Facebook Live.

Today we catch up on the situation with JJ’s best friend, Steve, and what the doctors and family have decided to do, and we reminisce about some of the unique memories, jokes and things that might not make much sense for those on the outside, but cathartic to those who know Steve and his family.

Also, the clock is ticking down to Wednesday January 6th, as the official electoral college votes are officially tabulated in the congress, with Vice President Mike Pence in the unique position as president of the Senate, being the one person who has the authority to either accept the controversial slate of electors from battleground states, or to reject them.

Wild amounts of speculation remains persistent on the world-wide web about what COULD happen if he rejected the numbers. Ultimately, the results will likely leave at least half the nation feeling betrayed, disenfranchised, and with very little regard for any resultant administration.

To look back at four years ago, we can honestly say that no matter what happens, the nation will not be healed and mended by politicians. The nation will not be healed or mended by social media censorship, nor will it be healed or mended by globalist corporations, media moguls or blithering idiots with large egos and over-inflated ex-politicians, ex-presidents or giants of industry.

Only one thing can heal this land: Jesus. And Only if America will repent of her sin, and turn away from her wickedness.

JJ McCartney will lay out the case for repentance, humble prayer and walking in righteousness. THAT is the only opath that will lead to an American renewal and resurgence.