Monday, January 7th 2019 JJ is back, and is ready to UNLOAD!!!

So…JJ’s house decided to take a full two weeks off for the holidays, you know, to catch up on rest and enjoy the tranquility of a nice quiet celebration.

Instead, we all got very sick! Whatever this chest and head could and cough is, it’s a very rude house-guest, the kind of guest who cannot take a hint when it’s time to leave.

So bear with me today as i am likely to take frequent breaks, and will engage the anti-cough, anti-sneeze device I got for Christmas!(a jar of Vick’s Vapo-rub!).

But, as per usual, I look FANTASTIC!!

We’ll talk border, bureaucrats, and the evil, uncivil and demonic democrats and why we must go from observers to active participants in STOPPING these evil people as they try to nullify a valid 2016 election. And perhaps public enemy number 1 is Mitt Romney

And some facts about border walls that may surprise the snowflakes and libtards:

We’ll have a real conversation to kick off the new year, so join us LIVE from 3 to 5 ET at, Facebook LIVE and YouTube, and live on!