Monday July 15th 2019 JJ McCartney’s Monday Rundown LIVE 3-5pm ET

It’s Monday July 15th 2019.

JJ is doing thingsĀ  a bit differently today. Let’s start by asking about YOUR weekend.

IN a historic Wimbledon final yesterday Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in 5 long sets, including three tie-breakers. the final set’s final score was 13-12.

Watching this marathon match reminded me that such games are for skinny youngsters.

The ring of fire, where 80% of the world’s earthquakes occur!

Also over the weekend, two large earthquakes, one just off the coast of northwestern Australia reached as high as 7 on the magnitude scale. no reports of injuries or damage or injuries as this is a very sparsely populated area,

Elsewhere Tropical Storm Barack(Barry) dumped heavy rain on Louisiana, but very few reports of injuries.



And the ICE raids began on schedule yesterday, as criminal illegals are being rounded up and deported by court order. This is not what racism looks like. It is what justice looks like. America must be a nation of law and justice. Our politicians had better start getting that. Otherwise there will be a lot of carnage come election day.


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