Monday July 22nd 2019 – The Monday Rundown LIVE w/JJ McCartney

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Tensions have escalated between Iran and the western world very quickly after Iran hijacked two more British-flagged oil tankers, and the arrest of what Iran is calling 17 CIA spies, whom they have sentenced to death. At this rate, there are many who believe war with Iran is imminent.

As we pray for peaceful solutions, now would be a good time to pray for our military as well. So imagine the reaction when the Pentagon floated the idea of recruiting 16-year-olds into the military.

And a DC newspaper claims that after 30 months in office, President Trump has not built one mile of new border fence. But wait…the President said it would be a wall, not a fence, and how can he build it if the obstructionists in congress block funding? Seems this newspaper has an agenda,which is quite shocking for the mainstream media, right?

And ISIS militants are returning to Iraq, continuing to wage jihad within the nation.

And JJ McCartney is curious, what are YOUR top priorities in terms of how you will vote in 2020?

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