Monday July 23rd 2018: Pardon our mess/Remodeling the host

As we broadcast live today from 3 to 5pm ET, we would like to apologize for our mess as we are rem0deling and renovating not only the studio, ,but the host as well.

Yes, people, we are well aware that of late our host has been looking rather miserable. It’s no illusion, and it’s not anything we are happy about, but lately I have been guilty of looking as bad as I have felt physically. Tired, exhausted, weary, barely able to function. The good news is that I am not looking like this for no reason.

My doctor says it’s a virus, and aside from treating the symptoms and using commonn sense, there isn’t much that can be done but to ride the storm out.

Fearing that my friends and followers will move elsewhere if we do not p[ress thropugh each day, I am committed to be here as often as I can.

But understand that I cannot keep this up without your help.

Finances have been very tight lately, and we’re not comfortable with panhandling for dollars every day. So how can we get the help we need?

Well, for starters, as you watch or listen to the show, you are always free to send a PayPal donation using the PayPal icon at

Or, you can go to eBay and for your $25 donation, you get a stylish JJMcCartney Show mug as our thanks!

I won’t mislead you/ We got our electric bill over the weekend, and it was a stark slap-in-the-face! $525 is a high price to stay cool, but what choice do we have?

Additionally, our daughter has also been quite ill as well, trying to fight the same virus I am battling. Her situation gets complicated because of her immune system. As a heart transplant recipient, she has to take anti-rejection medications which suppress her immune system, by design. So her recovery time, like mine, is going to be longer than it would for you ‘normal’ people.

Today we are going to talk about not only the latyest news, but also about a movement which is beginning to take shape which is very encouraging for those of you who feel completely frustrated with the anti-American political slant in the main-stream media,  and the illusion that democrats are gaining any kind of traction.

There is a new movement, and it is called #WalkAway.

We’ll talk about this organic movement, as people are waking up and recognizing the juvenile, impudent and unacceptable behavior of those on the left(notice I said left, not FAR left or extreme left?).

The tantrum-throwing, foul-mouthed, hostile and angry elements no longer represent the fringe left. They embody the mainstream of the Democrat party. The fact that so-called mainstream leftists like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Sheila Jackson-Lee, Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison all refuse to say or do anything to distance themselves from the churlish and crude rhetoric of people like Whoopie, Deniro, and their violent fantasies about the President represents a scorched-earth political bent.

In other words, they wouod rather see America burn to the ground than to keep getting defeated by a man with great ideas who isn’t afraid to make a stand for America as the lone remaining force for freedom and human dignity.

The louder the left in the media try to shout down these principles, the more people arte waking up and recognizing the failed tactics of the rude and ill-tempered political garbage the democrats have tried to repackage every few years.

The burden falls on our generation(the 50+ crowd) to stand together as advocates for American greatness, and for a morally upright group of us to provide real leadership and to rise up against the purveyors of real hatred, violence and treason. Any who try to undermine our legitimate President, or who express a desire to see merica fail if it will reflect poorly on the president are unworthy to be called Americans, Patriots or even adults.

We must then resort to the same tactics as someone house-training a puppy. We must rub their noses in the messes of their own making. How? Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET for JJ’s plan of action!