Monday July 23th 2021 The Monday Rundown with JJ McCartney returns LIVE

JJ McCartney is BACK live from 3 to 5pm ET with the latest on what you may have missed over the weekend. Plus commentary which cuts through the fog and clutter of the mainstream media to shed light on exactly what the enemies of America are up to and how we can stop their assault on the people of these United States.

JJ will share some truths which the globalist machinery doesn’t want said out loud.

Vaccines? They are all more dangerous than any so-called vaccine in history. And according to the so-called experts, telling the truth about these “vaccines” is somehow a violation of your terms of service, from YouTube to FaceBook to Twitter.

So The JJ McCartney Show is a vaccine to the globalist’s false narrative. We inoculate weekdays from 3 to 5pm ET on Red State Talk Radio, and on the Caravan to Midnight channel at