Monday July 29th 2019: The wages of SIN: Garlic Festival shooter: “I am really angry”

After yesterday’s tragic shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California, the mainstream media is once again on the anti-gun warpath.

But the problem is not too many guns. The problem might well be too few gun owners packing heat. The problem is shooters always seem to gravitate to places and events where guns are not allowed. They choose easy targets.

By most accounts, police were on scene very quickly and shot the killer dead. But 15 injuries and three victims that died before police shot the 19-year-old shooter were tragic enough. The gunman has been identified as Santino William Legan.

America, we need to repent! The reason we see such evil running rampant across this nation is because we have not turned from our wickedness!

Instead people embrace sin. They revel in it. They flaunt it. They have chosen to ignore the price of sin. And they fail to feel any shame or remorse for it.

You want to know why gunmen shoot up a garlic festival in California? It’s because nobody is standing up against evil in this land!

The tragic consequence of sin unchecked is death. For it is written, the wages of sin is death.

The senseless killing of children stirs such emotion, but how else can it be in a land where the unborn are slaughtered by the millions, and people’s children are thrown to the wolves while pedophile drag-queens share story-time with people’s toddlers at public libraries?

You want America restored?

Start by repenting and living a godly life! And pray for a nationwide revival. Only Jesus can cure what is wrong here.

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