Monday July 9th 2018 Monday: CRAZY things and CRAZIER People!!

Welcome to Monday,p[eople…and I hope everybody had a FANTASTIC break!

Bat-crap crazy 2018 poster-child Hillary

Well, back top the real world and ladies and gentlemen, the crazies have been hard at it while we were away! So we’ll catch up with the latest from the bat-crap insanity of the radical leftists at the DNC, and we’ll take a glance at what the heck is happening in Britain two years + after the Brexit vote.

Yes, leave it to the communists who call themselves labour, and how the pols in Great Britain are trying to defy the expressed will of the people. Sound familiar?

Meanwhile, news on the North Korea front, the scare over higher opil prices, and why everybody just needs to calm down and breathe!

And JJ shares thopughts on a number of trending topics as the summertime heat bakes the brains out of liberals(hint: You cannot bake out what isn’t there).

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